Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. Find answers and general information quickly about H2 Solutions Africa

Our style of Consultation is focused on reallocating operation cost (money and people) into innovation and new business opportunities fueled by digitalization (ex. DevOps). We can not do this without your IT staff. We enable them to be able to focus on Innovation because there’s a new style of business that your clients are adapting to. With Digital Transformation happening all around us, IT is now seen to be a BUSINESS ENABLER and a means to COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATION. It’s all about speed & time to market. The future belongs to the fast and agile! We will help with your Digital Transformation journey as there is a :

  • Need to Modernization of your legacy HW environment for Automation
  • Need to think Digitalization into your business
  • Need to think Cloud and partnerships in the way you work & organize
  • Need to think about how you consume and pay for IT services
  • Need to think about how we support mobility and create user centric services
  • The need to get in control of Security

We are a solution provider, contact us with any request and it is our goal to find an efficient solution for you. Eventually you will be in control of setting the KPIs, and it is our goal to deliver beyond the SLA.

Yes, we are not only a Field Service Delivery company, we are also a vendor of HW and SW. Buying from H2 Solutions gives you an edge both your Capex and Opex cost. Contact us today for recommendations and take advantage of up to Premier Partner discount on OEM list prices.

Absolutely, and that is the time we must be available for our services to be relevant to you!