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A New Concept for IT

We’ve seen it time and time again, small businesses and nonprofits getting sub-par IT support or none at all. You might have a full-time, in-house person without sufficient skills to do the job, or you might have an outside contractor that can’t handle the workload. Either way your business day in and day out continues to rely on IT to operate and provide your wonderful, essential services to your clients.

H2 Solutions has been solving these problems for organizations like yours since 2016. We believe that we have the technical skills to get things done, top-of-the-line tools, and we are a team of great people. Clients find our staff to be friendly, personable, and we work with you to make technology something that works for you rather than against you. We continue to grow because of our trustworthiness to get the job done and our partner mentality toward the people we serve.

Why choose Us?

OUR MISSION. Make our Customers Happy.

To provide quality solutions to clients beyond expectations and need for businesses efficiency.  

Why choose Us?


To create value for our clients, staff and the society and in order to become the most preferred IT Solutions partner to many industries in Ghana and beyond…    

Why choose Us?

OUR CORE VALUES Because we are Reliable.

We have dedicated executives who make sure that you have the best, most strategic technology advice so you can continue to grow.

Our promise is to strive to give our clients the best services they need

We have dedicated executives who make sure that you have the best, most strategic technology advice so you can continue to grow.

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You can always fall on H2SA for your Data Center solutions and i assure you, your joy and smiles after everything would be more than ours. 

Thank you for the always fantastic support you and your team provide us for our West African offices.Much Appreciated.We hope to continue working together in the future.

H2 Solutions demonstrates the passion to maximize quality

We are looking for a smart solution for managing our assets in the warehouse and they provide IOT and RFID based inexpensive solution, now we can see our complete asset list infraction of second without any physical check. also, we can see our live asset movement thanks for your SMS and e-mail alert system, we are so happy because we are saving more time, money and manpower investment and increased our productivity, also they are very professionals in this field .. we are very happy with these people and really recommended.